4. Set up your tech

These instructions are for Zoom (our recommended option). We do not have guides for the other technologies as yet, but they may arrive in future versions.

Set up a Zoom account

  1. Create an account with Zoom. If already have an account, log in now. Only one person in your circle needs to have an account; other attendees can join without needing to sign up.

  2. Upgrade to a Zoom Pro Account. A regular zoom account limits meetings to only 40 minutes, so it's very important to upgrade your account

Understanding Zoom pricing

Zoom charges according to the number of hosts (people who can hold a meeting) and the number of participants. You can cancel plans at any time. You only need to pay for one host; you can make other participants co-hosts and give them the ability to manage the meeting. All attendees are free and do not need their own accounts.

Zoom Pro costs $15/month for a Pro Account. This plan will allow you to have video meetings with up to 100 participants. If you plan on more than 100 participants, you can upgrade to a business account that allows up to 100 hosts and 500 meeting participants for $20/month/host.

Update Zoom settings

We suggest the following settings for a participatory memorial on Zoom.

Navigate to “My Account” in the top right corner of the homepage, then to the gray menu on the left side of the screen. Select “Account Management > “Account Settings”, or click this link.


Schedule Meeting

  • Host Video: On

  • Participants video: On

  • Audio type: Telephone and computer audio

  • Join before host: Off

  • Require a password when scheduling new meetings: On

  • Embed password in invite link for one-click join: On

  • Only authenticated users can join: Off

  • Require password for participants joining by phone: On

  • Mute participants upon entry: On

In Meeting (Basic)

  • Chat: On (unless xxx)

  • Private Chat: On

  • Autosaving Chat: On

  • Play sound when participants join or leave: Off

  • Co-host: On

  • Always show meeting control toolbar: Off

  • Screensharing: On

  • Who can share: All participants

  • Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing: Host only

  • Annotation: (optional, turn off for higher security, could turn on for participants to draw together)

  • Whiteboard: (optional, turn off for higher security)

  • All participants to rename themselves: On

  • Hide participant profile pictures in a meeting: On (suggested)

In Meeting (Advanced)

  • Breakout room: On (if you intend to do break-out rooms as part of a closing reception)

  • Far end camera control: Off

  • Virtual background: On

  • Waiting room: On (allows you to set up without participants joining)

  • Show a "join from your browser" link: On

  • Allow live streaming meetings: Off (Turn on only if you want to share the meeting to a general public beyond the invitees)


  • Local recording: On (We recommend recording the memorial to save as a keepsake or tribute.)

  • Cloud recording: Optional (record locally because your Pro account probably won't have enough cloud space)

  • Automatic recording: Optional (this will take up space on your hard drive, but be sure to turn it on in advance of the memorial)

Be sure to not post the invitation URL link publicly. Also ask attendees to not post the link publicly.

There have been some recent instances of uninvited internet "trolls" joining Zoom calls that are set up with poor security. The settings above should ensure that this does not happen with your event.

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