Post-service gathering


For those who want it, a chance to gather with other people after an emotional experience is very powerful and healing. Consider inviting participants to remain for optional gatherings after the main ceremony is concluded.

This time can also be used to give people who didn't get a chance to speak or share a eulogy during the ceremony a chance to share in smaller groups. Or it can be a chance to connect personally with the bereaved and express feelings, and offer support.


Breakouts/Continued Celebration

  • Use Zoom breakout rooms, where people can queue up to talk with the bereaved

  • You could create multiple breakout rooms for small groups of people to congregate and chat with each other, to simulate the feeling of being at someone's home or in a larger venue.

  • Start a Spotify playlist where people can add songs that remind them of the deceased

People have difficulty asking for help. What are some acts of caring that could be appropriate?

  • Sign up to do food delivery to the family/ close friends

  • Sign up to do other errands

  • Offers to help with childcare

Invitation to go and have individual rituals, preferably outside if possible whenever it feels right.

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