In this stage, we begin the proceedings and communicate essential information about what is to come, set expectations on how people can participate.
  • Who facilitator is / relationship to the bereaved
  • About relating to the people in the room, their relationship to one another
    • Identify family verbally (and perhaps visually using e.g. Zoom background)
  • Why we are gathered
  • Order of service (what’s going to happen)*
  • How to use the conference technology (e.g. Zoom; ideally this is done by the tech operator)
  • Welcome and thank people for attending
  • Mention:
    • Whether the memorial is private or public
    • Whether there are plans to create an in-person event when restrictions lifted
    • Whether the memorial is being recorded (note that video will be captured)


  • Zoom tutorial: The person who gives the zoom tutorial may be someone other than the facilitator /host of the service.
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