Since people are spending a majority of time at home, participants may need time to emotionally and energetically transition from something other activities at home into the memorial event. A short arrival phase gives participants time to reorient and be better prepared to wholly take part in a memorial.

  • The arrival creates a feeling of everyone being in a shared experience. This time gives participants an opportunity to feel:

    • You are in the right place.

    • You are connected with everyone else

    • Everyone is seeing/hearing the same thing

  • Mood setting… A moment to transition out of their personal reality and whatever was happening before the event

  • Aesthetically relevant (see an image, an altar, hear music, hear chatter, see chat)


  • Video stream of an altar or physical memorial space. The altar could have: photos of your loved one, flowers, items significant to the honoree, religious symbols.

    • [add link to altar]

  • Show a slide with an image of the deceased

  • Put a prompt on screen asking attendees to maintain silence, and to ask questions to use the "chat" function if they have issues

  • Play music (this may be a good opportunity to play music with no words)

    • **Link to arrival playlist

  • Open the room 10 minutes prior to the start time. Arrival should end 3-5 minutes after the scheduled start time, to give people a small buffer to be late.

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