Slideshow or video


This time can be used to honor the life of your loved one. Use this time for participants to get to know him/her in a deeper and more multi-dimensional way.

You may discover sides to them them you had not known before, and feel the breadth of love people have for them. These stories, photos, and videos will be useful later as you continue your grieving process.


Some examples of things you can do


  • Photo slideshow (people send in photos in advance)

  • Video montage (people send in videos in advance)

  • Opening the floor for people to share their favorite memory

  • Special thematic presentation (e.g. of their own or favorite artwork, music, etc)

Many of these photos and videos can be asked in advance << wording

These tools make it easy for you to send a link to people where they can upload photos or videos. The tools then make it easy for you to assemble the collection into a slideshow, or video, with just a few clicks.

Instructions for embedding a video directly into your memorial slides:

  • Create a video or use an existing video

    • For simple video creation use: iMovie or Tribute

  • Upload video to google drive (note: you can also upload a video that is on YouTube.)

  • Navigate to slide where you want to embed the video

  • In the menu above, click “Insert → Video”

  • Search for the video by title using the search field (or look in the recent folder).

  • Click “Select”

  • Once loaded on the slide, you can modify the playback settings and size of the video using the format field to the right on the screen.

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