“Music can often say what words cannot.”


Music can and should be used throughout the memorial service. It can serve as a transition between various sections of the service, ground the proceedings in a chosen faith tradition, help celebrate a part of what made the honoree special, and/or used as an emotional pause to allow participants to reflect and mourn.

Consider the tone of the memorial when choosing music. For example, a celebration of life may include more uplifting and light-hearted music than a funeral service.


Incorporate a Favorite Song

To personalize the memorial, incorporate favorite songs or music that was important to your loved one to personalize the memorial.

Find a Song Commonly Used

Search the internet for commonly songs or hymns for a funeral or memorial service. Here are some resources:

Tip: Start with the audience muted during collective singing--singing together on Zoom doesn't sound good. However, near the very end of a well-known song, you can unmute everyone's mic for the last minute to conclude with the spirit of togetherness. Even if it doesn't sound as good as in person, it still provides a sense of community

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