6. Consider the elements

Determine which sections you want, and in what order.

There are many ways of holding a memorial. The more personalized the better.

Please use the following broad sections, and the subsections described in the Memorial Elements Library, as a suggestion and a starting point. You can reorder sections as you choose, and if there are elements specific to your faith or culture, consider how they might fit in or replace these elements. As the guide continues, you will find content and instructions pertainting each of these sections.

People arrive, and settle in. The host brings the attendees into an appropriate frame of mind, and introduces the rest of the program.

This is the heart of the program. Honor & celebrate the person and their impact through readings, eulogies, slideshows, music. Consider holding space for the bereaved to speak about their current feelings and their memories. You can also do activities as a group to feel a sense of community.

Read or share things that leave people feeling the esssence of the deceased. Provide closure by completing a religious rite. Perform a final action that symbolizes the significance of the memorial. Create a gentle exit from the event.

Community Reception: After the memorial, you may want to transition into time for people to connect with one another, create space for the bereaved family to interact with guests and each other, and to offer loving support in personal interactive groups. Think of this as the virtul equivalent of a traditional post-service reception.

Take some time now to explore the "Memorial Elements Library" section of the guide (or click on the links above). Here you will find content ideas and slide templates for each element of the memorial.

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