3. Choose a format

A memorial can be more or less participatory, depending on the size of the group, the experience you’re looking to create, and even the participant’s comfort with technology.

Use this option if you want people to be able to see others who are attending, be featured speakers to share reading or performances, and continue gathering after the main proceedings are over.

We recommend these participatory platforms:

  • Zoom — Cost starting at $15 - 20 (via their one month subscription), depending on number of attendees.

  • Jitsi — Free, but has no tech support.

Streaming / Broadcast

This option is good if you want to broadcast a simple ceremony from one physical location to a large audience. Attendees can make comments and give reactions, but cannot see each other and cannot talk to you or each other except through text-based chat. Keep in mind that with this format, you will need to be in the same physical location as anyone else who is speaking or participating in hosting the memorial.

  • Facebook Live — Free.

  • YouTube – Free. The ceremony is easily and automatically added to YouTube afterwards.

  • Twitch — Free; a little harder to use than Facebook. Here are the help docs.

If you’re working with a funeral home or religious institution, they may also have broadcast options and technology recommendations.

Participatory + Streaming

If you want to host a participatory memorial, but still have the option to broadcast that to a wider audience, follow these instructions to livestream Zoom to Facebook.

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