10. Rehearse the program

It's a good idea to rehearse the technology and the program ahead of time. Try to schedule some time to practice with everyone in the hosting team so each person knows what they need to do during the ceremony.

Print full program deck -- includes presentation slides and facilitation notes.

  1. When complete, delete all instruction slides and unused slide templates (or drag them to the bottom of the deck). Rearrange as you like. What remains is your full program deck which includes both your program timeline and technology reminders as well as all the slides you will be sharing. Print a copy of this for hosts to refer to during the ceremony.

Create a presentation slide deck.

  1. Last, create a presentation slide deck. To do this, make a copy of the full program deck and delete all slides except the ones you wish to share with participants during the ceremony.

Make any modifications and re-print.

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